Few business books have had as much global impact as Start With Why. Released in 2009, it consistently holds court in the top 1000 of all books sold on Amazon and has been named to more ‘must read’ business book lists than almost any other.

Oh, and did I mention that his TED talk is the 3rd most watched of all time with more than 24 MILLION views?

Simon Sinek wrote more than just a book… he created a movement. The question of ‘What is my WHY?’ has helped organizations worldwide gain clarity on their core purpose and individuals find sustainable life and career fulfillment.

My work focuses on helping people discover their WHAT and, if you’ve read What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do (if not, please grab a FREE copy at www.WhatIsYourWhat.com/free), then you know that I believe that the WHAT is even more important than the WHY.

During this VERY special episode of Reinvention Radio, find out if Simon Sinek agrees.

Yup! It’s on!! It’s the power of WHY facing off against the power of WHAT.

This interview took place LIVE on Blab.im (yes, that’s a url) and attendees from across the globe joined in on the fun and even got to ask Simon their own questions… 🙂

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