In this special episode of Reinvention Radio we are joined by New York Times bestselling author and Forbes’ top influencer, Michael Hyatt. Michael is the author of Platform: Get Noticed In A Busy World and co-author of Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get The Life You Want.

Michael shares his amazing journey of shifting from being a successful entrepreneur to building a personal brand and an engaged, loyal audience.

Listen in as he reveals how he runs a multimillion-dollar company working just 35 hours per week and his incredibly ambitious goals for global expansion in 2017.

An advocate of continuous growth and personal evolution, Michael speaks to the power of delegation, his 16 years of being a coaching student and how he utilizes his own reference tool, The Freedom Compass, to operate within one’s “True North” and out of the “Drudgery Zone”.

A former publishing executive, Michael discusses why the publishing industry is far from dead and the best format with which to attract, and retain, Millennial readers.

Finally, Michael discusses his incredibly popular book Platform and how anyone can build, and control, their own fan base leveraging his proven tactics, social media, and both Joint Venture and Affiliate relationships.

Quote from Dan Sullivan, “What got you out of Egypt, won’t get you to the promise land.”