On this week’s episode of Reinvention Radio the RRCrew gets real about their own situations in their communities and homes around the COVID 19 lockdown. What does this new life look like, how’s working from home while everyone is home? How are the kids managing school work from home? Mary worries about her Air BnB business as cancellation after cancellation comes in. Richard is helping the seniors in his neighbourhood get groceries and prescriptions and Steve bought a gun.

The RRCrew discuss the worries, the virus, the opportunities, the conspiracy theories and just how do we get intimate with our significant others when everyone is home? Near the end we opened the lines and had audience members weighing in with their expertise in wellness, psychology and astrology, this is a special episode you don’t want to miss.

On this week’s episode of Reinvention Radio the RRCrew as they dig deeper into the topic of the COVID 19 Virus and the current Lock down situation.

In This Episode

Swapping Toilet Paper on the Corner in Encinitas
Faith Over Fear
Adjusting to Lockdown
Do You Pivot in Business?

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