Julia Neiman - Reinventing Youth Employment

She knew it was coming, she just didn’t know when. She was prepared, or so she thought. When it did come, it took her breath away, leaving her feeling uncertain, stressed, scared even. “It” was the announcement that the Foster Care agency she worked for had declared bankruptcy and was closing its doors that day. One month before her 60th birthday, Julia Neiman found herself involuntarily unemployed. Under a great deal of pressure to find a job quickly, as she shared a house with several roommates who were all concerned that she wouldn’t be able to pay the rent and keep up her share of the expenses, the situation was serious. Julia’s mantra during that time was “keep breathing.”

Once she got over the initial shock and panic, it hit her like a lightening bolt. This situation was a gift from the Universe. She was very successful, as was evidenced by the successes of clients who were thriving and the very positive annual performance reviews. Realizing how she despised working for someone else, having to follow systems that made no sense to her creative, inventive mind and being treated in a less than respectful manner, she began to realize that this was one of those, “when one door closes, another door opens” situations.

Julia had made up her mind that she was not ever going to work for someone else again. Scouring the internet to find business ideas, she came across an offer of a scholarship for a $1500 program at Dream University. She filled in the application and hit the submit button. A day later, she received an email telling her she had been granted the scholarship.

When one of Julia’s clients went home early from his job that he quit because he didn’t like the way the manager spoke to him, she realized she had to do something about it. She started working with people to create small entrepreneurial opportunities.

After Dream University, she found a self-study program called Monetize Your Passion by Rich German. She purchased the program and studied it every day to learn how to build an online business and when Rich offered a year long coaching program, Epic Coach Academy, she signed on right away. With his permission, Julia adapted the program for teenagers and created Monetize Your Passion Blueprint. She now teaches this program through Monetize Your Passion Academy to teach teenagers, twenty-somethings and families the values, habits and skills of entrepreneurship so that they can start their own business.

Julia’s vision for the future is that all young people have come to believe in themselves, have started their own businesses and have become job creators that has had a positive impact on the economy of their area.

TUNE IN to hear Julia discuss with Steve, Mary and Richard how she teaches teens, young adults and families how to create a successful financial future doing what they love.



In This Episode

At 60 years old she found herself starting over

They  owed her $10k in expenses when she lost her job as a clinical social worker

She’s now teaching teens on entrepreneurship

Why the foster care system?

She had a PhD and a Masters yet still couldn’t find a job at 60 years old

No one was teaching kids what they need to know

There are currently more people in the millenial workforce today than any other

A lot of jobs are going away to automation

It’s the greatest time on earth for the youth to learn skills

Keep people entertained and serve

How Rich German gave her a start

Collaboration is the word for 2018

Start with a mentor to set yourself up with a strong foundation


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