Per Bristow - Reinventing Your Voice

Growing up in Sweden, Per Bristow was a prodigy violin player, the youngest ever invited into the city’s symphony orchestra at only 12 years old. Instead of music, however, Per opted to pursue sports during his teens. During this time, after a back injury, he learned some principles that helped him to learn rapidly, such as advanced kinesthetic awareness, mental imagery and visualization techniques, understanding and appying the physical law of least effort, the application of flow and rhythm and an ability to enter a state of “peak performance”.

Only two years later, he was a top athlete in the nation in track and field. He began singing and acting, becoming a top performer, as the original rock cat Rum Tum Tugger in the musical Cats – a production that was recognized as one of the top Cats productions in the world, starred in West Side Story as Riff for 350 performance, has sung the role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, sang in rock band, choruses, jazz groups and has had many roles in TV shows and feature films.

Also, as creator of The Bristow Voice Method, Per has empowered tens of thousands of singers and speakers from over 132 nations to heal, build and free their voices. The Bristow Voice Method was born out of Per’s vast experience as a performing musician, singer, actor and athlete, his many years of experience as a teacher and coach, and his depth of knowledge in areas of human anatomy, modern training methods, advanced learning strategies, peak performance psychology, advanced mental training techniques, nutrition and more.

TUNE IN to this episode as Per chats with Steve, Mary and Richard about how he empowers singers and speakers from around the world to heal, build and free their voices.



In This Episode

1 – Per is a variation of Peter; The internet opened new roads; From prodigy violinist to Rum Tum Tiger; He is constantly evolving and reinventing

2 – Why people want to take his program; We want the freedom; Singing off key is really not your ear; The RR Crew in action with voice exercises

3 – What is that ‘one’ song of all time?; His events are full of surprises; The awareness of fear in successful people; Fitting in and being noticed is important to some


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