Lisa Sasevich joins Steve, Mary and Richard in a candid and upbeat fashion, feeling blessed as they discuss Reinventing Your Unique Value. Her labor of love and latest book, Meant for More, is fresh in Hay House. After birthing her latest project, she lapsed into a deeply inspired wind-down. A wrap of her ten year mastermind model that set her financially free. But 27 cycles without a break, she is seeking whitespace. Surrendering in faith and trusting the process, whitespace arrived as a pandemic.

Lisa is enjoying spending more time with her kids, which is the life she always dreamed about, but then recalls the loss of her mom remembering what it’s like to lose a parent so young, she feels forever changed, but rises up out of what could have been, into the job of her dreams. Now imagine, it’s the season to be jolly, and the one person and mentor she counts on, fires her. Her loss motivates her to find her unique superpower to become the queen of sales conversion.

Fast forward to today. Lisa now feels like everything is working, something is calling her, and she is loving and committed to the how. With the world on pause, Lisa recognizes that many of us are facing change. What we have is a snap-shot in time, providing an opportunity, right now, to discover your unique calling.


In This Episode

  • Make money with the things you love
  • Downsize with generosity and profit
  • What is easy for you but hard for others?
  • Do people pick your brain on?

Resources Mentioned

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