Lori Lyons - Reinventing Your Path

Lori Lyons began her career as a teacher before moving to the dreaded corporate world where she learned graphics, marketing, and sales. Realizing corporate work wasn’t where she wanted to be, she began working for a small startup business and gained the knowledge and experience to run a business of her own. She saw the long hours and the risks they took, deciding small business wasn’t for her. Funny how the universe works!

In 1986, Lori was in a life-changing car accident that left her with a physical challenge that haunts her to this day, effectively removing her from the corporate world. She couldn’t physically teach anymore. It was the mid-1980’s when networking and entrepreneurship weren’t everyday words.

In 1994, Lori moved to New Jersey with her husband, leaving the small company she was working with to start her own business. It was an abrupt exit when the owner of the company she worked for discovered her intention to start her own company (which was still months away) and let her go that afternoon, pushing her timeline up drastically, so she became an entrepreneur overnight.

In 2015, with the encouragement of a business coach, she decided to go full-time, focusing on website and marketing coaching. Ignite Marketing was born. In only six months, she was making bank. Four years later she has a waiting list of clients and is building a team, moving toward an agency model.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Lori about reinventing your path, why your website is still a necessary part of your business and the hub of your marketing.



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Her New Media Summit experience
Helping people focus on the right things
When I grow up I want to __________
Changes in web design over the years
How to figure out your path


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