Martin Lucas - Reinventing Your Mindset

Martin Lucas started four businesses previously with great success, but just wasn’t happy. So he spent the last few years building on some theories he had, and reinventing his mindset. Ever since that ‘reinvention’, he has been finding more and more positive experiences. He is having fun, feeling very free and wants to help others set themselves free.

Martin is a 16-time Sales, Leadership and Inspiration Award winner. He is also the author of the book, Using Technology to Sell and is published in various magazines such as Edge, Communicate Magazine, OK! and has an ongoing writing and Interview relationship with

As CEO of Master Mindset, Martin’s passion is all things related to habits, behaviours and emotional intelligence. Master Mindset took two years of research, study and testing to build the model. Understanding your market’s mindset, their habits, needs, desires, emotions, what THEY want, is the goal, and it’s working.

Martin is also a Non-Exec Board Member for Thriving Survivors, which is a social enterprise that focuses on supporting survivors of trauma.

TUNE IN to this episode as Martin chats with Steve, Mary, and Richard about the science of making people act and how to make the complex, simple.



In This Episode

1 – The science of thought & happiness; You have to go to the source of the mental health issues; Self-actualization

2 – Can you regain your brain?; 11 Steps to Happiness; You’re not as weird as you think; Creating a sense of community

3 – Mary has changed her mindset; She had it all together, yet she committed suicide; Can you recover from trauma?; Live within the present; Being content with who you are


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