Claudio Reilsono is on Reinvention Radio with the RR Crew and are Reinventing Goals this week. On Aug.19, 1973 Claudio was 8yrs old when he went to his first Major League baseball game at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. He came home that day and his Dad asked him if he had a good time, he said ” I did and I know what I want to do with the rest of my life.I want to be in professional baseball!” His Dad simply said,”Ok, If thats what you want, then your Mother and I will give you every opportunity to make your dreams comes true”

Claudio says he had “the best parents in the world”. They loved and believed in him but his Dad got sick in 1968, and developed a phobia about leaving the house. He did get much better (it was because he wanted to give Claudio a shot at his Dream) Claudio’s Mom Passed in his arms at the age of 48 of cancer. He not only had to overcome his Mom’s passing, but some people close to him, family and co workers were not supportive of his goals and actually were making things harder on him.

As much as he wanted to succeed for his parents, the people who were against him seemed to have motivated him just as much! He, like so so many have been hurt, knocked down, cut, failed, but got up and kept at it. Claudio has a big goal now, to impact others like so so many have had impact on him.

Here were some of the seemingly impossible goals Claudio has achieved over the years and he just keeps on going by achieving and reinventing his goals!

He wanted to work in pro baseball
He wanted to win a Championship in College baseball as a Coach
Have a TV Show
Host a Podcast Show
My Story to be in Books

He says, “Pretty much everything I have ever wanted to do I have done. Not finished yet though. Want to do more, and More”. Dan Marino once said ” You can do More..You can Always do More” This episode is packed with great stories, insights and tips from Claudio and his journey through achieving a truly inspirational life!

On this week of Reinvention Radio dive into Pro Baseball and life lessons of Reinventing Your Goals with Claudio Reilsono

In This Episode

What’s happening with Pro Ball Players right now
The one thing he’s wanted to do since he was six
You want to be the Duck Hunter as a Scout
Whats next on the bucket list

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