Brigitte Lessard-Deyell - Reinventing Women Talk

As a teenager Brigitte Lessard-Deyell enjoyed talking in large groups so much that she’d taken a public speaking course and even DJ’d at her high school radio station. At 17, her ability to communicate was lost when her family moved from a French-only part of the country to an English speaking region, where no one spoke a word of French. A year later she realized she was gay, which took her silence to a whole new level. It not only took her voice away, but she felt ashamed of who she was.

Little did she know at the time, but it was just the beginning of her story, and all of these experiences were preparing her to become the inspiring leader she is today. She not only has found her own voice, but she now gives a voice to all women, encouraging and empowering them to embrace who they truly are, and be proud of their personal journey.

Born an extrovert with self-confidence, Brigitte learned that sharing her energy and empowering other women, brought her the immense joy. The first part of her life was all about sports, where she learned many of her leadership skills and how to motivate other women to push past their beliefs. From teaching women to play hockey, helping start a semi-pro women’s hockey team, owning a women’s sports store, owned a Curves gym, and co-owned the Women Sports & Fitness Show and now a mother of two, serial entrepreneur bestselling author and visionary, Brigitte spends most of her life supporting and empowering women through SPORTSBRAS.CA, where she truly can “support” women. In her late forties, she was asked to do a talk about sports bras and fell in love with public speaking all over again.

Passionate about women having the opportunity to share their stories in a positive and uplifting environment, Brigitte created Women Talk; a monthly event which has already spread to many cities across the country. Her Gift of Cultural Integration brings together women from all social classes, religion, sexual orientation, and race, encouraging them to respect and celebrate their differences. In just three years, Women Talk has grown across Canada with 13 locations, each hosting a monthly event. She also hosts an annual convention, has published an anthology of women’s stories, and hosts a podcast that is growing in popularity.

Women Talk will soon be entering the US market, with plans in the works for a few other countries as well.

Tune in to hear Brigitte discuss with Steve, Mary, and Richard how women make their communities stronger and power themselves by sharing their stories.



In This Episode

She loved New Media Summit!

She’s been an entrepreneur since she was 12 years old

In 1982 her family lost everything and moved up North

25 years in Canadian Women’s Hockey

Women Talk evolved from the women sharing their stories

If you want something to happen, say it out loud and share it with people

She manages 13 events a month


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