Dustin Mathews, Reinventing Wealth In Business

It seemed Dustin Mathews was on top. Social media was painting the picture of old-fashioned American success story with a high 7-figure business, working with celebrities, traveling the world… but he felt stagnant. For almost 9 years, Dustin worked to build his company, but in the last year before he left, he began to see clear signs of serious problems with people saying to him things like, “I support you if you want to leave.” “Weird,” he would think. After all, he was the co-founder. Why would he want to leave?

Then his grandmother died. Dustin rushed to the hospital to get there before her final moments, but arrived too late. He didn’t plan on speaking at her funeral, but something compelled him to share her story. As he told that story, it was like a light switch had been flicked on inside his head. What if he left his company?

Was this just a momentary “dip” or was it the end? Then came the turning point. His company entered into hosting an event with . . . let’s just say . . . a questionable partner. There were red flags everywhere—missed calls, unanswered emails, unsigned contracts. Details of the event were constantly changing. Meanwhile, his second son was to be born just days before. Dustin’s role was supposed to be to show up, speak, and leave. At least that’s what he thought… He pulled people together and they limped through the entire event somehow, coming out of it still standing. There was an amazing small core team that made it possible and they celebrated that amazing feat. But that was it. The damage was done. The decision made. The knockout punch.

Leaving was hard, but it left him energized. It was the best choice he’d ever made. But what was he going to do? He could get a job, go to law school, start another business…  so he started reaching out to old contacts. Eventually, his friend Andy got back to him, telling him about WealthFit. He was intrigued enough to get on a plane to fly out to meet with the WealthFit team in San Diego. Their vision of helping entrepreneurs and go-getters resonated with Dustin. He wanted people to understand that they should be building wealth while building their ventures and to help them get those ventures off the ground. With WealthFit, he could share his story and the lessons he’d learned along the way. They made an offer and he accepted, becoming the Chief Wealth Evangelist on the WealthFit team in San Diego.

Dustin is now WealthFit’s Chief Education Officer. He is also the co-author of No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations, inspiring entrepreneurs to reach their full potential through his mission of empowerment. Along with many best selling books, Dustin is the host of the popular “Get WealthFit!” Show. He has interviewed and shared the stage with athletes, business celebrities, movie producers and titans of business such as Danica Patrick, Cal Ripken Jr., Kevin Harrington, Robert Kiyosaki, Jesse Itzler, Shannon Miller, Dave Meltzer and many others. Dustin’s ventures have been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today and INC Magazine. He’s also received recognition by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for codifying a process for creating and selling products and service, Irresistible Offer Architecture®.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Dustin about his journey as an entrepreneur, wealth in business and the difference between “the dip” and “the end”.



In This Episode

From Florida to San Diego

How Speaker Empire was born

The exit process and the event fiasco

The new venture with WealthFit

Accountability and wealth

Missed opportunities from not knowing

Finding the right trainers

From Entrepreneur to Employee


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