Navid Moazzez - Reinventing Virtual Summits

Navid Moazzez was born and raised in Sweden. After high school, he went directly to law school, also working part-time at a bank. While he was in law school in Sweden, he began to dream of starting his own business, but from an Iranian dad’s perspective, he was expected to become either a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist or an engineer.

After his younger brother passed away suddenly in 2013, Navid realized that life is short and that it can be taken away at any moment, when it is least expected. He made a pledge that his business would succeed, no matter how how he had to do it. He started his website, and dropped out of law school.

When he first started his online business he tried pretty much everything… blogging, podcasting, YouTube videos, posting on social media, working around the clock, but nothing got the traction he needed. After about a year of not growing his audience/business much at all, Navid discovered virtual summits, noticing how they were growing their email lists by tens of thousands, while generating a lot of revenue at the same time – in some cases millions of dollars.

He was so intrigued that he made the decision to go all in, hosting his first summit in 2014. That first summit changed everything. He grew his email list by 3,000 subscribers, generated $20k in profit, quit his job and moved abroad, while leveraging the momentum from that summit to build a multi 6-figure online business.

Since then Navid has connected with hundreds of influencers, made well over $1 million online, built an email list of tens of thousands, and helped his clients and students generate hundreds of thousands of email subscribers and millions of dollars in sales in just the past year alone from their virtual summits.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Navid about virtual summits, and growing your email list, influence and revenue fast, no matter where you’re starting from.



In This Episode

Are virtual summits still a good option?

He was a law school dropout

Shifting gears after his brother died

Finding good speakers

How a revenue split works on a virtual summit

Tips for a better virtual summit

The cost of a qualified lead

9 steps to creating a virtual summit

Monetizing a virtual summit


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