In this episode, Amy Porterfield, Podcast Magazine choice for #1 Mom in Podcasting joins Steve Olsher and fellow top podcasting Mom Jasmine Star on the ClubPod stage.

Tune in as they share some of their top tips for podcasting and talk to the other top Moms from 2020 and 2021.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Amy’s reaction to being selected
  • How to use a podcast for marketing your book
  • The more you share, the more your audience will resonate with you
  • There are people who are doing more with less
  • How to generate leads and revenue off of social audio
  • The right time to outsource your podcast
  • The key marketing strategy that was a tipping point for podcasts growth
  • The delineation is to give and tell people everything about what to do and you sell how to do it


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