Chris Cumby - Reinventing the Sales Game

Early in his life, Christopher Cumby wanted to know “how” people became successful in life – not only successful with money, but how they were fulfilled and found their true happiness in life. Christopher grew up in a middle-class family with a stay-at-home mom and working dad. They didn’t have much, but he was happy as a child and it was a great environment to become a creative thinker.

After being introduced to some really great books when he joined Amway in the 1980’s, Christopher began to understand the power of networking and wanted to build wealth that would continue to grow.

Christopher’s experiences as a wrestler for more than 10 years helped him to be a leader, be self-reliant, and to always be a student, listening to the coach to continue improving. All those experiences also created a foundation to building a successful life. Additionally, by analyzing all of that, and also his career – how he closed million dollar commission clients – he created the Kick A$$ Sales Game.

Christopher is also author of The Success Playbook, the founder of “The Hero Within Series”, a complete step-by-step process designed for Go-Getters to advance to the top of their game, is the founder of Integrity Marketing, Inc, and First Energy Source as well. The latter is run independently through his partners, and it provides energy saving solutions to corporate companies.

Also a motivational speaker and a high-performance trainer, Christopher’s first company launch crossed the multi-million dollar mark in sales in less than 18 months with his partners. He assists Entrepreneurs to launch their businesses strategically using step-by-step tactics. He also coaches and mentors business owners, CEO’s and other high profile people and has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox, to name just a few.

TUNE IN to this episode as Christopher chats with Steve, Mary, and Richard about the sales game, and how to transform the selling process to make life and business more fun.




In This Episode

1 – Do you believe we’re always selling?; THIS is an unnecessary emotion… get rid of it!; We all have the gift of selling; What are the biggest mistakes made in selling products and services?

2 – The ABCDs of selling; He learned to journal; Setting reasonable sales goals

3 – Sales tactics and strategies to implement for increasing revenue; Can you BS your way through selling something you don’t believe in?; Get over the 80/20 rule; What about those who are simply afraid to sell?


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