The #1 speech trainer and vocal coach in America, Roger Love joined Steve in this episode of Transform your Voice part 2 along with Rich Karlgaard, Craig Clements, and William Tong. We’re also joined by these amazing women Erica Dhawan, Dr. Aditi and Claudia Christian as we’re celebrating the international women’s day. Don’t miss the Q&A and on the spot vocal coaching of Roger Love with our audience members on ClubPod stage.

Some of the topics covered:

– Communication in this COVID economy

– Importance of communication inside companies

– This digital shift can unlock new opportunities

– Reading messages carefully is the new listening and writing clearly is the new empathy

– Post pandemic collective resilience shine forth as a community, society, nation and world.

– Individual resilience

– Use your voice to recharge your whole body

– Amazing Science and sound theories about men and women

– Every single person on the planet sounds different

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