JP McAvoy is Reinventing The Millionaire’s Lawyer on Reinvention Radio. He may be known as the Expert at Exit, J.P. enjoys a hallway commute to his office, currently operating his 6th company. He says he’s had a lot of fun over the years. And has sold several of his past businesses for 8 figures. But he also experienced the dot com crash. Describing the crash as a visceral face punch experience; it was like falling from the top of the world to mac without the cheese. He now uses that visceral feeling to monitor turbulence that could surface before any future black swan events.

In J.P.’s opinion, if you can navigate turbulence, you can navigate everything. They talk about the sheer magnitude of companies that will not survive the pandemic? The conversation is deep and pivotal. J.P.’s prediction? Everything has changed, survival is no longer to fight everyday. Rather, survival may be to burn it all down and change everything. Because, in his opinion, the world is not coming back the way it used to be.

When asked for advise, JP concedes his advise is different from his action. He is an all in, risk kind of guy, but also says this isn’t necessarily his advise to clients. He had an epiphany with the birth of his first child, that changed the way he worked. As the conversation comes full circle, the talk turns to mindset. Asking JP if positivity is a part his DNA? Nope, part of the answer is perseverance, he says, and the desire to figure it out. I follow the stockdale paradox, failure is not an acceptable outcome.

Looking back, JP recalls how his success began. A garage, risk, opportunity and a lot of Ramen noodles. He still has a vision of the future where anything is possible. And JP is feeling excited about emerging opportunities.

Last bit of advise? If you every thought of starting a company, look at the market, what neon signs are flashing in the marketplace? And the biggest mistakes in early founders ? According to JP, is not focusing on the market.


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