Ian Ferguson is Reinventing The Erotic Language on this week’s episode of Reinvention Radio. The RR Crew are How can we keep up after the hot and passionate stuff fades. Currently the challenge is that we are in each others space all the time with our kids home and also what if you are dating now? How is that working while we are in self isolation.

Ian and Jaiya have been teaching workshops and courses for years, their work has been featured on The Doctors, Rikki Lake, Tony Robbins Podcast, CNN, Good Morning America, Oprah and more. Ian and Jaiya believe in putting Pleasure First, no matter how busy we get, how overwhelmed, how much life throws at us, or how disconnected we feel. Putting pleasure first always brings us back to love. The Reinvention Crew discuss with Ian to how can you fully support, love and see your partner as a full person and still love and support unconditionally to fully be yourself and be fully present and honored. Stop living your life by default and start living your erotic life by design.

On this week’s episode of Reinvention Radio the RR Crew as they learn all about reclaiming the pleasure and true erotic expression that is your birthright with Ian Ferguson of Jaiya,Inc.

In This Episode

  • How do we communicate in relationships
  • How can couples use the time now to deepen their relationships
  • What do relationships mean
  • Hold the mirror up and look within
  • Reclaiming pleasure and true erotic expression


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