Gino Wickman believes entrepreneurs are born, and he is Reinventing Entrepreneurs in the making. Gino has been an entrepreneur since the age of 21 and became obsessed with learning what makes businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. With tried and true real-world entrepreneurial experience, he generated opportunities out of his mistakes, formulating an Entrepreneurial Operating system that helps entrepreneurs not only glimpse their perfect path, but reach pinnacles of greatness. 

His latest goal and book is designed to free 1-million entrepreneurs in the making. By shortening the front end of the Entrepreneurs’ journey, so they can discover who they are, and become why they were put on this planet. 

Entrepreneurs opening their vision of success. Gino believes entrepreneurs are not meant to find success in every business, That they need to open their vision of success. Know if they are a product person versus a services person. Greatness is not only one way and to open the gateway, knowing if you are a true entrepreneur or a self employed person can free the path of celebration. When we think that billion dollar companies are the only way to go, we are wrong. 

The first step is self awareness, that not everyone wants to scale. The true entrepreneur is a crazily passionate red-line visionary who is driven to build billion dollar companies. Those entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice everything, do anything it takes to create their dream.

For example, Elon Musk verses the successful handy guy: Elon can’t help himself, but create billion dollar companies. The difference being personal traits you are either born with or not. If you have all six traits and your red-lining on all, then you are in the 4% and far right of entrepreneurialism.

If someone doesn’t have the 6 essential traits, they are not willing to red-line sacrifice their personal time and that’s great too, but you need to know.And then there are integrators, those personalities that can take on the Entrepreneur’s vision and build it out. A symbiotic relationship that builds huge success.

What the Crew learned, how to redefine their own entrepreneurial experience, by identifying and reflecting when they are willing to sacrifice or what is non negotiable. Explore the six trait list. What is the difference between the visionary and their #2 or integrators.

In This Episode

  • Online marketplace, drops, launches, timeless trends
  • 6 Essential Traits: Visionary, passionate, problem solver, driven, risk taker and responsible
  • Integrators: uniquely talented individuals that attach themselves to visionary entrepreneurs

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