Christian Lefer is re-inventing starting nonprofits, he had his first exposure to nonprofits cheering on his mentally disabled little sister in the Special Olympics. He grew up to live what you may have thought was, the perfect life and yet he hated the person he had become. Then it seemed like life burned to the ground, finding himself emotionally and financially bankrupt and alienated from his family. Finally he surrendered to his pain, and was reborn a new man, with a deeper purpose born from love for himself and others. 

With a new outlook and a mantra he began enabling people that want to start a nonprofit. This journey started seven years ago, as he found himself helping a friend and becoming frustrated with the 18 month IRS red tape approval time for starting a nonprofit. Christian’s resourcefulness ignited, and he took his frustration and studied the system until he removed the blocks of a cumbersome process.

Instant Nonprofit became the solution for many people wanting to serve others. Once intimidating paperwork can be completed and filed in one hour and at ⅓ of the cost. With 501c3 IRS approval in as little as 3 months. But as with every solution, another problem arises. He then discovered that many nonprofits are ignited by heart centered entrepreneurs who lacked business background.

By understanding where the skills deficit lay, he then built a knowledge base for them to learn how to keep the business running. His clients now have the skills needed to fund-raise or run a board meeting in less than 30 minutes: Along with nonprofit set up they are offered tools to build their non-profit and get what needs to be done all year round.

Christian says if you have a purpose for helping people, pets and the planet. anything charitable, scientific, educational, preventing cruelty to animals, helping children, look into nonprofits. And today, more than ever nonprofits can help our communities. He mentions that nonprofits are at the forefront and bringing light into the trials and tribulations of the African American community, where people with a purpose are creating solutions for their community. One aspect of Nonprofit enablement is to help rebuild the social fabric within the African American community.

He encourages everyone to think about how they can engage, and consider corporate funding, because corporations are seeking outlets for giving back. It’s a win win, corporate donations benefit from tax relief, nonprofits benefit from cost savings, and the fast and easy process that Christian provides.

Instant nonprofit offers a service package to suit everyone’s needs. Express and enterprise packages plus higher level packages that want ongoing help and maintenance.

In This Episode

  • Differences nonprofit versus regular company.
  • Most nonprofits are heart based people with a picket fence life that just want to help
  • Starting a nonprofit doesn’t have to be expensive
  • Riots, Retorek and the human race
  • Make it easy to start a nonprofit
  • Mistakes people make in nonprofits

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