Bret Gregory

In this episode we have one of the best in the biz, Bret Gregory of, as we’re Reinventing Social Proof.

You’ve probably heard about various peeps making exceptional money on Facebook and you’ve likely seen others tout the exponential growth of their followers and/or engagement. But, if you’re like most of us, you’re undoubtedly sitting their scratching your head wondering how in the heck they’re getting those awesome results.

If you can relate, this is the show you’ve been waiting for.

After family tragedy altered his life forever, Bret dedicated his life to helping people avoid what his family had to endure and cast off the suit and tie, sold his business and took the proceeds to buy property in Costa Rica and start anew. Here, he discovered how to use social proof on Facebook to build instant credibility, instant trust and generate targeted traffic that leads to sales.

Tune in to find out how he turned $4000 in ads into $1.5 million in sales. And, did we mention he has over 200,000 followers?!

1 – Sheniqua and The Sausage

2 – Goodbye Suit and Tie; Hello Costa Rica; Saved The Farm With FB Ads and Photos

3 – 2 Million Followers Across 3 Facebook Pages; People Share Content That Represents The Way We Want To Be Perceived

4 – From Follower To Customer; Give. Give. Give – Ask; Encouraging Content That Displays Selfless Acts Performs Best – Bret’s Most Popular Posts Ever–