Anthony Franck - Reinventing Social Connection

Anthony Franck’s career path started out working in a fast food restaurant, In-N-Out Burger, purchasing his first home at 24.  Then losing his grandfather a few years later threw him off course. He left In-N-Out for a career change, becoming a carpenter in Reno, Nevada for several years. In 2009, work became scarce during the recession. With no income, he lost his home and had to move back in with his parents. At 30, he was mowing lawns, making $500 a month, and decided this was not going to be his life. It was then that he found a mentor and headed back to college.

This round at college, he decided to take classes HE wanted to take, working his education on his own terms. He studied digital media, graphic design, animation, and website design. Out of class options, he opted to take a look at marketing, advertising and selling department, finding a mentor in the professor, a Harvard grad, who specialized in Marketing Insights. She took him under her wing, offering advice and guidance.

What Anthony discovered is that relationships and mentors – surrounding ourselves with the right people that have walked the path we want to walk, are the key to discovering your why and how to turn that into a way to make a living and that will follow. Pursue your passions, do what you love… When you’re consistent enough the money will come with it.

Anthony’s professor in college, Bianca Philippi, inspired him because she was working with all the largest brands in the world for the past 20+ years of her career, traveled the world doing in-depth marketing consumer research interviews and here she was teaching classes at UCLA and our local community college COC at the same time. Seeing Simon Sinek’s “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” Ted Talk in her class for the first time inspired him, because it clicked. What Simon said stuck and Anthony immediately started consuming more and actually used that insight to land a job as a social media manager for the largest animal career vocational school in North America, learning there that he had a gift for creating connection with people on social media.

By late 2015, Anthony began to realize that SEO was becoming a thing of the past, it would be less important now that Big Data was growing so well-defined to provide each person a unique experience, and it dawned on me that “Social Connection Optimization” was taking over.

Founder of the Get More Leads Club, a group coaching and peer-to-peer network, Anthony’s next live event, Authority Maker Bootcamp, is scheduled for Jan. 2018 in Vegas, while also recording a new podcast.

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In This Episode

– Flipping burgers at In ‘N Out; Burger, fries, and a drink a day; An apprenticeship in carpentry; Going back to school for marketing, business and graphic design.

– Finding mentors who make things happen; He now offers done for you services in the marketing space; Online trends for 2017; Connecting and engaging through Facebook bots.

– 2018 predictions for adding to your list; Connecting in different places; Be super consistent in delivering content.


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