Anthony Franck - Reinventing Social Connection

Anthony Franck’s career path started out working at popular West Coast fast food company, In-N-Out Burger. Where he co-managed new store openings as a member of the AllStar Team. Opening stores around California, Nevada and Arizona holding positions as a trainer and shift manager.

After purchasing his first home at 24. Anthony left In-N-Out Burger for a career change, becoming a carpenter in the local Union in Reno, Nevada for several years.

In 2009, work became scarce during the recession. With no income, he lost his home and had to move back in with his parents. At 30, he was mowing lawns, making $500 a month, and decided this was not going to be his life.

Anthony found a few different mentors and headed back to college.

It was his 3rd attempt at college but, this time he decided to take only classes he wanted to take. With his focus on digital media, specifically in areas of website design, marketing, sales and advertising.

Out of class options 1/2 way in, Anthony Franck quickly realized that each class left was general ed, outside his scope plus he saw that what he was learning on the web design side was already 10 years dated.

After being accepted to Otis Art And Design in Los Angeles what Anthony discovered is that relationships and mentors – surrounding ourselves with the right people that have walked the path we want to walk – is the key to discovering your why and the mentor can show you how to turn that into a way to make money.

Later in reflection Anthony finds that the pursuit of work is less important than pursuit of enjoyment.

Life is short, Pursue your passions, do what you love… Enjoy life in and out of your business. LIVE LIFE, YOUR WAY.

When you’re consistent and you add value. The relationships and the money will naturally come with it if you operate from a place of abundance & gratitude and surround yourself with those types of people.

Anthony’s professor in college, Bianca Philippi, was an early mentor that he was inspired by because she was working with many of the largest brands around the world for the past 20+ years of her career.

She gave him glimpses into traveling the world doing in-depth marketing consumer research interviews, while she also made time to give back teaching classes at UCLA and our local community college COC.

That’s where Anthony first met Bianca.
It was in her classroom that Anthony was first introduced to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”

What Simon said stuck. Anthony immediately started consuming more and actually used that insight to land a job as a social media manager for the largest animal career vocational school in North America, learning there that he had a gift for creating connection with people from brand to people approach using social media.

During college and on into 2015 Anthony had another amazing mentor named Chaz Key that taught him SEO.

But by late 2015 Anthony Franck began to realize that SEO was becoming a thing of the past, it would be less and less important later as Big Data was improving and becoming more well-defined to provide each person a unique experience tailored to them.

Connection allows for relationship growth, opportunities and visibility. Social Connection keeps you on the radar with the people that know, like and trust you in your network. When done correctly more opportunities, recommendations and referrals will come your way.

That’s when Anthony realized that SEO was shifting to traffic that already knows, likes and trusts you without Search. By finding you on social instead of Google… “Social Connection Optimization” was discovered.

Now founding partners at Tomahawk.Agency, Anthony loves to help established business owners with Tactical Marketing Strategies, buying ad traffic, creating funnels for client campaigns and managing follow up marketing systems using text, chat bot and email automation.

TUNE IN to hear Anthony discuss with Steve and Richard how to connect with more people socially online and the future of chat bots.



In This Episode

–  Flipping burgers at In ‘N Out; Burger, fries, and a drink a day; An apprenticeship in carpentry; Going back to school for marketing, business and graphic design.

– Finding mentors who make things happen; He now offers done for you services in the marketing space; Online trends; building your list and engaging through Facebook chat bots.


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