Kim Sutton - Reinventing Sleep Deprivation

Kim Sutton received her Bachelors Degree in Interior Architecture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and was an interior designer for nearly 10 years in prestigious firms in Chicago, New York City, Greenwich, Connecticut and Ohio. Although she was living the life she thought she wanted, something was missing. She was Mom of two amazing little boys; however, they were the focus in an otherwise fuzzy life.

In January 2008, sleep deprivation got to Kim for the first time, and she wound up in the mental hospital for six days. (Fun stories there!) When the economy turned downward that same year, she also lost her job. She divorced her abusive husband and worked at Chipotle and as an administrative assistant until she accidentally started her business.

In 2016, sleep deprivation got her again, and out of her recovery, she discovered her WHAT. Sleep deprivation and the anxiety/depression associated with it have caused every positive life change. From the first, she lost her job and met the chiropractor who introduced here to the Law of Attraction. From her second bout, she found her WHAT – helping entrepreneurs recover from the broke and broken role. Today it is her goal to help entrepreneurs set-up the systems and support they need to have time for the self-care they deserve.

Kim is a mom of five, podcaster, wife and business owner who tries, every day, to let burnt out business owners know there IS hope and a way out. She wants them to know that every drug on the face of the planet won’t help if they’re not sleeping, and often, working more is NOT the way to make more.

Kim has been featured on the Huffington Post, School for Startups, Thrive Global, Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do, Natural Born Coaches, to name a few.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary, and Richard chat with Kim about how she helps entrepreneurs achieve and appreciate personal and professional success, without burnout.



In This Episode

Systems and support for strung out entrepreneurs
The early years of interior design and architecture
A brief stay in the mental hospital
She had to remove herself from her business
How the world of law of attraction changed her life
The impact of sleep deprivation
Tips for productivity


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