Derek Rydall - Reinventing Self-Improvement

After a life-changing ‘brush with death’ while making a movie, Derek Rydall thought about becoming a monk or maybe a minister, but ultimately isolated himself in his apartment and meditated for several years. When he finally emerged, he became a licensed integrative therapist and best-selling author.

Derek is considered the world’s #1 leading expert on THE LAW OF EMERGENCE and is the author of a #1 Amazon/Barnes & Noble best-seller, EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change. He has trained top executives at Fortune 500 companies, including American Express and Disney, as well as writers, artists and media professionals, some of whom are Oscar and Emmy award winners, as well as thousands of others around the world, how to live a more prosperous and passionate life. He helps people effortlessly achieve their full potential through the Law of Emergence.

His top rated podcast, Best Year of Your Life, is a wealth of knowledge in itself, where he discusses success strategies and cutting-edge spiritual principles that help people achieve financial freedom and abundance, master their productivity and gain wealth and happiness. He is also a regular Huffington Post contributor.

TUNE IN to this episode to hear Derek talk with Steve and Mary about finding your path, living your purpose and making a powerful impact.


In This Episode

1 – Derek Was The Man On The Couch; Near Death Experience With Fire Coral; The Real Me Didn’t Need To Be Improved
2 – Humpty Dumpty Fell Off The Wall; The Oak Is In The Acorn: Seeds Of Potential Planted In Our Soul
3 – Self Improvement Implies You Have Something To Improve; Law Of Emergence

Resources Mentioned

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