Jim Padilla - Reinventing Sales Conversions

James Padilla was raised in poverty and abuse, living in foster care by age 13, on the streets by 16 and was in jail by 19. After spending decades running away from loss and poverty, Jim finally figured out how to share the skills he’d gained, teaching people how to master sales and leadership by influencing their environment to get people to trust them and want to buy from them.

Today, Jim is a Master Sales Trainer, an Expert Team Builder and a Launch Expert. With more than 20 years of experience in building teams and leading them to success, Jim has a solid track record of achieving results.

Jim and his team lead entrepreneurs to huge success in their launches, driving sales and surpassing their goals and expectations. Having shared the stage with Jay Abraham and Les Brown, Jim brings an exceptional level of experience and talent to the world of sales. He inspires his team and partners to achieve their full potential and is now running a multi-million dollar business serving leaders powerfully.

Jim is also passionate about helping people to use sales skills as an engine for social change, such as reducing recidivism rates among ex-cons, by giving them a vision a purpose and a path, moving us from carrying the heavy expense of warehousing them to ex-cons becoming contributors and difference makers in society.

Tune in to hear Jim chat with Steve, Mary, and Richard about his journey from loss, poverty, and crime to where is today.



In This Episode

The personification of reinvention

Selling is not a dirty word… it is life

We’ve been doing it unscripted for our whole life

Jim’s journey of abuse, parents 16 and 17, dad took off when he was weeks old

Mom in fear mode, anger and rage — he became the outlet

Protecting yourself from mom — and selling her not to hit him

Foster care at 13, on the streets at 16

He called the Sheriff at 13, hit himself on the head with a hammer to prove injury just to get out

He took off at 16 and went to live with 8 kids in a drug house

He finished high school and went on to play baseball for a junior college

In jail at 19 for selling drugs – the entrepreneur was born

The only way to stay safe was to influence the people around him

He created his own mini cartel with others selling the drugs for him

He did every hustle he could

Served his 30 days then a second jail time of 90 days

The turning point

Couple of kids running around he doesn’t associate with

He doesn’t allow anyone to tolerate their own excuses

Solving the problem of a stranger on a park bench

Jim’s work as a sales partner with other organizations

Introduction to conversion, conversion to onboarding

Typical conversion rates is a loaded question

What was happening in your life to make you act on that email?

Focus on making people thirsty, not leading them to the water


Resources Mentioned

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