Sharla Jacobs - Reinventing Sales Conversations

Sharla Jacobs graduated with a Master’s from Acupuncture School in 2002, and was $80,000 in Debt. After starting her practice, she realized that traditional sales models were about manipulation and being pushy. She had to find another way.

After downloading a sales model that was based on her background as an acupuncturist, Sharla went from just getting by to over $5,000 a month.

Then Sharla borrowed the money to hire a coach from her boyfriend, Jesse. That coach challenged her to have 100 sales conversations per week. So she went to every networking event, following up with everyone she met, having lots of awkward conversations and it still wasn’t going that well after the first two months.

But then she asked herself a life-changing question: “If the 5 Elements that she had studied through Acupuncture School were present in everything around us, how are they present in a sales conversation?” And the concept of Heartselling was born. Jesse knew he had mastered Heartselling when he got 16 new clients in one month using that system.

Within 30 days, Sharla tripled her income. Friends who were coaches and holistic practitioners like them started asking how they were able to grow their practices so quickly, and they started teaching this system. In 2005, they decided to host their first live event. They had 94 people sign up and 88 attend, earning $33,000 in that first weekend. They knew that what they were putting out into the world was deeply needed.

Since that first Summit, they’ve led the event 78 times. People fly in from all over the world for three days to learn how they can attract more of their ideal clients using this heart-based model — where they don’t have to feel pushy or manipulative and everyone feels honored as a result of the conversations and where clients are attracted to working with them because of the confidence they exude about their work.

Sharla and her husband own one of the largest business training schools in the world for Coaches and Holistic Practitioners and are known for creating Transformational Leaders. In the last 13 years, their clients have earned over $100 million collectively using what they’ve learned at Thrive Academy. Many of the Transformational Leaders of today had their first $10,000+ month while working with them.

Their book, The Art of Attracting Clients, has become an international hit that has inspired people all over the world to enroll high-paying clients while staying connected with their heart.

Sharla and Jesse love to give as well, having awarded over 12 Million Dollars in scholarships to their live events. They’ve also had a school built for children in Kenya, and they help provide clean water and food for people globally.

Tune in to hear Sharla chat with Steve, Mary and Richard about reinventing sales conversations and attracting new clients through Heartselling.


In This Episode

Her journey through acupuncture certifications
Giving up a lifestyle
Do you believe in me?
20 sales conversations a day
How she tripled her income
5 Elements of the Heartselling System
A moment of silence for Steve Olsher
Transforming concerns vs overcoming objectives
Stop comparing yourself to the teachers


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