Jay Gabrani - Reinventing Prepared Fathers

Jay Gabrani was born and raised in Toronto. After his first child was born in 2005, Jay jumped into the world of real estate investing. Despite several challenges along the way, Jay built a multiple seven-figure real estate portfolio. That portfolio helped him take a multi-year sabbatical to deal with heartbreaking personal tragedy when his wife passed away in 2014.

Losing his wife caused Jay to reevaluate the purpose of his life, while taking a multi year sabbatical. Before she passed away, Jay thought he was financially prepared, due to his education as a professional accountant and experience as an entrerpreneur and real estate investor. He wasn’t.

He quickly realized that certain account information, passwords, location of her safe deposit box keys were all unknown. So on top of mourning her loss, he was frustrated with the difficulty he encountered in the role of executor of her estate.

It didn’t take long for Jay to realize that he was not the only one. Many brilliant men were doing amazing things, yet most of them could not say that their families’ most important financial information could be easily found. Many didn’t even have a will.

Today, Jay makes an impact raising his three children and empowering Fathers to secure their Family’s Financial Future as the founder of Prepared Fathers, through his one-on-one and group coaching programs and his daily podcast A Minute with Jay. He is a frequent podcast guest and does a limited number of speaking engagements as well.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Jay about preparing fathers for an uncertain financial future.



In This Episode

It all started at New Media Summit in Austin

Preparing father’s financially

He was trained and educated as an accountant

Are you financially prepared for life’s curveballs?

His wife’s journey to drug addiction and ultimate suicide

Life after the death of his wife

Three things fathers need to do in preparation

Will or no will?


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