Victoria Bearden, Reinventing Predictions for 2019

Victoria Bearden’s journey into astrology and metaphysics began in the 70’s, when she was a teenager in Carlsbad, California. Drawn to books on all subjects relating to metaphysics, meditation, eastern mysticism, the occult, astrology, and psychic development, she began her first formal training in astrology through the Rosicrucian Fellowship in Oceanside, California.

Though she studied fine arts in college, Victoria continued her pursuit of astrology, reading books, seeking out instruction, and doing chart readings for friends and associates. She attended astrological classes and workshops, refining her skills and learning advanced techniques.

While she was in Oregon, Victoria began meditation practices and yoga, learning the art of the Tarot. After returning to California, she also became a student of the Taoist arts, studying Tai Chi Chuan, the I Ching, and the Tao Te Ching.

Victoria has become well known for her psychic and astrological readings and predictions. She also practices the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading, helping her clients to understand themselves and their loved ones better. Relationship guidance is one of Victoria’s specialties.

Victoria has made numerous accurate predictions on television, radio, and in print. These predictions include the 1994 LA Northridge earthquake, Clinton’s presidential victories, the election of George W. Bush, terrorist activity in the US heartland in April 1995 (Oklahoma City bombing), and most recently, terrorism on US soil and war in the Middle East in 2001. She’s been interviewed on a variety of subjects, including astrology in love and romance, astrological profiles of celebrities and public figures, astrology and world events, Face Reading, haunted houses, and psychic phenomena.

Over the past decade Victoria has written many articles for the Phoenix Phyre Bookstore’s Phyre Talk newsletter, with a circulation of over 10,000. Her subject matter includes annual New Year’s Predictions, Face Reading, and Astrological Perspectives. She is regularly called upon as a resource by local newspapers.

Tune in to hear Victoria share with Steve, Mary, and Richard her predictions and insight for 2019.



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