Dale Halaway - Reinventing Personal Healing

Over the course of his life and career, Dale Halaway, Master Teacher of the Soul and Transformationalist, has been dedicated to his own path of spiritual growth and personal empowerment, leaving his lucrative career in professional speaking and business consulting in 1992 to enter the private sector and apply his knowledge and teachings to transforming lives on a deeper level.

In 2009, Dale was in a horrific car accident that left him dead. He had a near-death experience during the ambulance ride to the hospital. His tailbone was damaged, he had very little feeling or strength in his right side, his nervous system was torn in three places, and he developed a sleep disorder due to his injuries. He was a mess and in excruciating pain over the next year, declining conventional medical and surgical interventions, including no pain medication, to work to heal himself naturally.

As a result of the accident, Dale lost his business, his savings and went heavily into debt. His brush with death forced him to confront his fears, which he did, one-by-one, over the next few years and is now healthier and stronger than he has ever been. He is debt free and doing well financially again.

Dale is the bestselling author of Being Called to Change, the first book in The Transformation Trilogy. His practical teachings and tools for abundance are based upon the Universal Laws.

Dale designed and began offering his transformational programs to the general public. He is the creator of the TransCovery Process® which is a patented method for releasing energy blockages that hinder one’s progress and productivity, which has helped people all around the world. He is also founder of Sage Teachings That Inspire and created “Mastery of Money” seminars, empowering CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, business owners, employees and individuals in the private sector, for over 30 years.

Tune in to hear Dale, Steve, Mary, and Richard discuss personal healing and clearing the way so you can be the best version of you.




In This Episode

He started at six years old with a lemonade stand

The fatal car crash he lived to talk about

The choice was to die or heal naturally

Why he chose not to use Western medicine

His body was deteriorating from the inside out

How he became a dream intepreter

The dude in a robe and the fast that saved his life

Understanding why me

There’s no measurement around spirituality

How to tap into unconscious resistance

The message received during death


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