Brendan Burns, Reinventing Personal Growth

Brendan Burns grew up in an environment filled with verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, with parents that were violent, addictive, and chaotic. On the surface, everything seemed fine. He coped with his perfectionism and buried his feelings, all the while attending Ivy League Schools and receiving his JD-MBA from Cornell by 25. He was then off to Wall Street, thinking he had everything all figured out. One year later, he lost his job and girlfriend the same week, which turned out to be a catalyst to getting help and beginning to change his life.

By sheer luck, he found answers in the self-help section of Barnes & Noble, never looking back. Six years of deep personal development and answer-seeking later, Brendan left Wall Street to build an NYC-based mission to help end suffering for others. Initially when he worked on personal development, he focused internally. As he began to heal himself, he moved away from the Wall Street model of money, drugs and dysfunction. The final straw was losing his best friend to drug addiction, leaving him angry and devastated and was enough to make him walk away from it all two months later, buying a one-way ticket to Hanoi, Vietnam, growing his Instagram account as a fun pet project, assuming he would come back to New York in a few months and find another job.

It quickly became apparent that Brendan was onto something when his Instagram blew up to more than 100,000 followers. He realized he could monetize it while sharing his passion, personal development journey and as a foundation to start a coaching and speaking business. He had found his new path.

Brendan is now an entrepreneur, speaker, and high-performance coach on a mission to help others, save lives, and give back. His programs and events are for anyone and have helped people who have suffered abuse, trauma, or drug addiction and want to escape that nightmare and start living their best life. He successfully helped a young woman end an addiction to heroin in just two sessions, has worked with professional athletes, including former NFL and MLB players, as well as C-level executives and clients from over 60 countries on 6 continents. Brendan also hosts his own podcast, The Brendan Burns Show.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Brendan about his personal development journey and how he helps others find theirs.



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The Iranian state of affairs
The journey to being a life, business and relationship coach
There’s a difference between therapy and coaching
Boundaries are good but don’t threaten an addict
Understanding addiction
The free influencer


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