Richard Otey - Reinvention Radio

Richard Otey joins us in studio to teach us everything we need to know about the fastest growing social media platform, Periscope.

Richard is one of the world’s leading Periscope experts. In the past six weeks alone, he’s spent over 350 hours consuming, interacting and broadcasting on this powerful new-media channel. 

Get your pen and paper ready as he’ll reveal how to cultivate a community of loyal, borderline fanatic ‘Scopers who are ready to tune in as soon as you turn the camera on.   

1 – Wuv, Drummer for the band P.O.D stops by the studio and joins for the first segment

2 – What is periscope (caller Mike @Payown)

3 – Getting followers; comments and questions from periscope viewers

4 – Steve needs a new Ferrari; win a date with Mary

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