Marisa Peer is reinventing Peace. She shares how we can change the world simply by being enough. Marisa is a Hypnotist, Psychotherapist and is a master of using powerful language to change people’s lives.

Marisa reveals the three things our mind struggles with is uncertainty, change and loss. All relevant today! And Marisa provides tools we can use today. Exposing self-hypnosis and opening our minds to a new way of being, great!

What it boils down to is positive or negative thoughts that our mind must act upon. Now imagine if you hear yourself saying things like; I’m losing my mind, or this is a nightmare or a disaster, you can get the gist of what could be created. Because our signature vocabulary is repeatedly used to describe our experience, and neuroscience confirms our mind is acting upon that! 

Once we grasp this, Marisa says to focus on replacing weak words, minimize the negative and expand on powerful ones.

Does the average person leave their potential on the table? Yes, a not enough mindset spills a shadow over their being, limiting their potential. But Marisa tells us how to create a brighter future today.

In This Episode

  • Hypnotism: As related to achieving our goals
  • Neuroscience: Present tense, repeat positive powerful pictures
  • The 3 things the mind needs to thrive
  • The 5 Actions Millionaires do Differently
  • The Power of Self Talk
  • Maslow Hierarchy of Needs


Resources Mentioned

URL: I Am Enough:

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