Greg Jameson - Reinvention Radio

Bestselling author, International Developer of the Year, and Colorado’s Small Business Owner of the YearGreg Jameson.

Greg has been involved in the computer industry since the mid-1970’s and published his first commercial software program in 1985. After successfully taking his first company public, he has been developing internet applications since 1995 (essentially, the beginning of the Internet–unless you’re Al Gore, of course) and building e-commerce sites since 2002.  

Greg firmly believes that anyone can make good money online so we’re bringing him to focus on Reinventing Online Sales. 

1 – Electrocution. Being struck by lightning. Winning the lottery. 
2 – Dial-up days. Judging hotness from eyebrows. 
3 – The online revolution. What would Jeff Bezos do?
4 – Amazon’s dirty little secrets. Making REAL money online. 

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