Alina Vincent is Reinventing Online Launches. From a successful academic who created online programs for universities to entrepreneur.  Alina struggled with her message, overcoming objections to high end packages and paying the bills. So she went back to what she knew best, creating online programs but then needed a marketing strategy..

Alina needed a candy crush win! A marketing campaign; a low cost, fast results 5-day challenge; was an overnight shift, scaling her visibility, credibility and business from 0 to 6 figures in four years.

Aline now helps business owners generate leads and leverage the power of online marketing  and social media. Visioning the potential that entrepreneurs can achieve by embracing the online world.

A go to social media marketing strategist Alina just had her best month ever. When many are struggling in business, she has a vision and formula to help them thrive.

Her success attests that 5-day challenges keep a steady stream of interested business owners and entrepreneurs flowing in, while keeping her base engaged. Challenge formula is combining focussed information with valuable usable skills that produce tangible results. People engage and when complete are 3x more likely to buy.

Alina runs a quick 7 step scenario for Mary. Sell: Re-invent a Paycheck

  1. What would the goal be? Create a free 5-day Challenge: How to Re-invent a paycheck
  2. Take one step back: What is the prerequisite for this item
  3. Solve one specific problem in 5 days. Ensuring there is a small win every day
  4. Small bite size pieces of content
  5. Then put it all together
  6. They have to sign up for the challenge: lead page, grows your list, credibility.
  7. They get their problem solved and they are ready for their next step.

People that sign up and finish are more likely to buy at least three times. So always offer a higher level program, in case they are already ready for it. Create a community: FB Groups: it’s a free online community, glows your list, credibility

In This Episode

  • 5-day challenges that work
    • Short enough to hold a persons’ attention
    • Fast effective value information that solves a problem
    • Makes an offer for more engagement
  • How to create
  • Why make it free
    • By expanding the number of people that will join
    • Keeps existing tribe engaged
    • Adds value 
  • 3 ways to use a challenge
    • Engage your members, added value, re engage them
  • Reverse engineering


Resources Mentioned

Reinventing PeaceMarisa Peer is reinventing Peace. She shares how we can change the world simply by being enough. Marisa is a Hypnotist, Psychotherapist and is a master of using powerful language to change people’s lives.