Jennifer Love - Reinventing One More Woman

Jennifer Love has been there, done that and knows what it’s like to deal with the feast or famine lifestyle. She has served as a mortgage bank CEO, built a chocolate company from scratch into one of America’s top 5 candy brands. She’s had to work twice as hard to prove herself in business and has some tales to tell. One includes getting an automotive group CEO on a private jet to prove herself. In addition to advising Fortune 200 businesses, celebrities and high-performing entrepreneurs, Jennifer has helped raise over $100 million in VC funding.

Throughout much of her career, Jennifer masked her femininity, warded off unwanted advances and mimicked masculine leadership to force-fit herself into an “old boys’ club” world. Ultimately, she gave up what she felt was too much of herself and her value. Imagine trying to be someone you are not. It sucks! And many years ago, she decided not to do that any more.

Jennifer combines 17+ years’ experience building and working with consumer packaged goods (CPG) and tech companies. Collectively, she has raised, participated in, or advised in the raising of over $100M+. Under Jennifer’s leadership as a co-founder and former CEO, NibMor went from a kitchen concept to an award-winning wholesale chocolate company, with its products distributed in thousands of locations within five years. NibMor’s impressive growth has been acknowledged by the press many times over including media like the, The Wall Street Journal.

Jennifer’s ‘Sweet Success’ was featured on the cover of Small Business Digest in July 2014. In 2015, she helped one of the brands she advises get funded on Shark Tank, successfully closing out a $1.1M funding round. She is also a contributing writer for the Huffington Post focusing on entrepreneurship, fundraising, and gender disparity in the investment community. She holds a Master’s in Organizational Behavior, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and is a Certified Health Coach.

TUNE IN to this episode as Jennifer chats with Steve, Mary, and Richard about how she is helping 10 million women entrepreneurs reach over $1M in her business.



In This Episode

1 – From New York to Santa Barbara; Thought leaders have to take time to think; I am a warrior princess; A journey to self-worth

2 – Entrepreneurs are today’s super heroes and change makers; A conversation with Bono; Women are better sales people; Crab in the bucket mentality

3 – Her goal is to create 10 million women millionaires; Address the mental and emotional stuff around money; Take yourself on a date with money; Money is just a tool


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