Atara Malach - Reinventing Mommy Guilt

As a mother of six children building a private practice and struggling with mommy guilt, always feeling awful, overwhelmed, exhausted, resentful, Atara Malach lost her joy of life, and confidence in parenting.  Now a renowned life coach and parenting expert, Atara has blended 30 years as a successful private practice therapist with her own personal experience as a working mother to develop a proven parenting system that gives her clients the tools and confidence to achieve a more satisfying work/life balance and find calm in the chaos of their daily demands.

Atara holds several advanced degrees and professional certifications and is the Founding Director of both the Parenting University and the Advisory Center for Adolescents. She is a dynamic and inspiring keynote speaker who has served thousands of professional women and working parents through lectures and workshops around the world.

Atara’s passion is connecting to working mothers and guiding them along the many different stages of their work/life journey. She established her private practice in 1987, dedicating these past 30 years of her life to helping people across the globe achieve their professional and personal goals.

By founding a parenting academy at the beginning of her professional career and creating a life-changing parenting program called Working Mother’s GPS, she has helped tens of thousands of working moms become transformed over the decades, enhancing their parental skills and strengthening their important relationships through exclusive one-on-one coaching relationships, workshops, and online programs. Her upcoming book, A Working Mother’s GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for the Modern Working Mom, is a roadmap to guide parents on their parenting journey.

Atara has also developed an exclusive premier, individual VIP coaching program, particularly for career-minded mothers, executives, and business owners. This VIP coaching is focused on clients who choose to invest more deeply to achieve incredible success in their businesses and their personal lives.

Tune in to hear Mary and Richard chat with Atara about mommy guilt and becoming the happy (working) mother your child will love.



In This Episode

Mom of 6 who are all grown up now

How the GPS program was born

Handling the mom guilt

Dealing with working at home while kids are there

Now her kids have kids

Mom likes doing things for me

The GPS program

Building boundaries without walls


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