Adam Markel - Reinventing Midlife Transformation

Adam Markel was a successful private law attorney for more than 17 years. 80 hours a week, slept in the office, work-a-holic. He hated it. He was doing it for the money, not for himself. Though he was very happily married to his wife Randi and was devoted to their children, he felt as if he was living a life of obligation. And he wasn’t happy about it. 

At some point, Adam got to a place where he decided to “pivot” and shifted his attention to creating a successful commercial real estate investment firm, title insurance company and social media startup. He is now the CEO for New Peaks and is a Master Trainer, keynote speaker, attorney, real estate developer, entrepreneur and author of the book, “PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life”

Adam loves being a role model to people and is a natural leader.  He enjoys networking with entrepreneurs and tries to reach out to those still struggling to make it. He is a compassionate and charismatic speaker who puts his all into being a role model for others looking to have amazing relationships, both personal and business.

Tune in to this episode to hear Adam discuss with Steve and Mary what midlife crisis really is and how to turn it into a midlife “CALLING” instead of a crisis.

1 – April Fools Day Office Pranks
2 – Life Is Short When You’re Happy… Long When You’re Miserable
3 – We’re Not Born Angry; Our DNA Is Passed Down; PIVOT Moments
4 – Chicago Drug Wars; Children Die In The Crossfire; Sex For A Bushel Of Beads