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Dr. Barbara Hales is a speaker, best selling author and a successful business consultant. Years ago, after countless hours of sleepless nights, joys and tears and finishing her training, it was time to start out in Barbara Hales’ professional life as a physician. She wanted a private practice so that she could care for patients on a personal level. After decorating an office space and a load of confidence, naive as that was, she opened the door for business – with no patients. The phone lay dormant. But she soon discovered and developed the secrets to building a practice.

After years of practice and going through the transition where patients no longer had time with doctors and you’d have to see them in less and less time, it was time to close the doors and hang up the stethoscope.
Slowly, walking up the hall of her office – the same hall that she had scurried through for many years – she slowly peered into each examining room. Softly, countless voices could be heard from days gone by. So many countless intimate moments were shared between she and her patients. They’d laughed and shed tears as they shared touching moments, of sorrows, secrets and joys. They cried when sons and daughters went to war and cried at the birth of beautiful babies. But most of all they cherished life.

There would be many newly minted young doctors starting practice now. They would never know the same joys that came from spending time listening to what patients had to share- of engagements and marriages, of christenings, buying the new homes and watching children going off to school. Yet there would still be caring physicians who interact with patients, who feel grateful for the privilege, who choose to engage with those seeking medical treatments and health advice. The thing is, the public may not know how to differentiate between these doctors. The good ones may not have the visibility they need so that patients can seek them out based on their stellar practices and ethics.

Clarifying the difference became Barbara’s mission. Together between doctors, patients and herself, educating, informing and yes even entertaining is paramount as conditions, better lifestyle choices and treatment options are laid out in a way that can be understood. As we turn the corner and the practice of medicine changes, human nature hasn’t. Conditions change but people haven’t. Having had a very successful medical practice as a physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology, she knows what works when it comes to growing a business from the ground up and marketing effectively to patients. She worked in the trenches of medicine and overcame the challenges faced by physicians trying to grow their practice and get new patients while retaining the old ones.

Seeing doctors who care about their patients and fail financially inspired her to try and help them succeed rather than having the fear and pressure of having to close their doors. “The healthcare industry with more stringent regulations, and declining reimbursements, is more competitive. Marketing and brand promotion is no longer a luxury but a necessity for survival.”  With extensive experience in health and wellness, content marketing, and copywriting, she helps doctors rise above their competition with thoroughly professional strategies. Dr. Hales’ physicians engage with their patients and further their message for better health choices.

Marketing for the traditional and alternative health fields has been a joy for her to further healer’s messages and provide assistance to improve health to others. She believes that physicians and patients can be better engaged with each other to improve healthcare. Dr. Hales and her books have been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and Newsweek, to name a few.

Tune in to hear Mary and Richard chat with Dr. Barbara Hales about how she helps empower physicians to grow their practices, engage with their patients and further their message for better health choices.



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