Dov Gordon - Reinventing Mastery

Dov Gordon, a/k/a the Alchemist Entrepreneur, struggled through his first 7-8 years coaching and consulting. It was an uphill battle, with some successes, but just barely enough to stay in the game. Then Dov created and led a CEO peer group for CEOs of companies with $10 Million to $150 Million in revenue, working with senior management to develop or redesign organizational management strategies.

Since 2001, self-taught and self-bootstrapped, and using an approach that he calls the “eavesdrop effect”, Dov helps consultants, coaches, and other experts build a steady, consistent, predictable flow of ideal clients. Relying on fundamental psychological principles, he teaches simplicity over complexity.

Why “The Alchemist Entrepreneur”? Alchemy usually refers to turning lead into gold. Mythical or not, the idea is you must work on the underlying structure of the metal in order to turn something common into something priceless. Dov wrote an 88-page manual, The Plenty of ClientsTM Manual: How To Systematically and Consistently Attract First-Rate Clients, which he gives away free.

Dov has been featured on Huffington Post, Inc. Entrepreneur, Art of Charm, to name just a few. He’s been interviewed on many marketing and business podcasts, including Becoming Superhuman, Marketing Speak, Duct Tape Marketing, Growth to Freedom, Sales Unscripted, Bob Burg’s Go-Giver, Steve Gordon’s Unstoppable CEO Podcast, Nicole Holland Podcast, Amplify Your Success and many more.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Dov about how he helps experts and entrepreneurs whip their marketing into shape.



In This Episode

The journey from New York to Jerusalem

Good consultants get clients

Who does he work with?

Self taught, married @ 21 with six kids

Life in Jerusalem

What is mastery?

The difference between attention and interest


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