Justin Womack - Reinventing Marketing Psychology

Justin Womack’s journey from employee to entrepreneur fast-tracked after a near-fatal accident with his car rolled upside down, underwater, spending two months in the ICU. After nearly drowning in dirty water, he developed a condition known as ARDS due to fungal infections in his lungs and was kept in a medically induced coma for nearly 30 days. The accident and subsequent recovery changed his perspective on life, and was the catalyst to following his true calling to start his own business.

His goal was to launch a company, develop fast credibility, and to become profitable in the first year. Justin leveraged public workshops, public speaking, and media appearances. Within a year, he led marketing workshops at the local Chamber of Commerce, spoke at networking groups and non-profits, and got booked for an interview series on a local AM radio station. Filming it all, he put it all on social media and used it to start building his personal brand, leveraging that with key networking relationships to then book speaking gigs for organizations like SCORE, the AITP, Marsh & McLennan and AIG.

Justin became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and was recruited from Fiverr for a test program called “Fiverr Pro.”

Launching his podcast, Marketing Geeks, transformed his entire business, leveraging the podcast to interview top marketing experts as well as promote his own services, bringing in a consistent $600-$800 per month in ad revenue for the show. The podcast has attracted more attention, credibility, and clients than anything else he’s done in his business.

One of Justin’s gifts is understanding human psychology, including how to build fast authority and credibility for business owners and he has used it to his advantage not only for himself, but his clients as well.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Justin about helping businesses grow through the implementation of internet marketing strategies.



In This Episode

Justin’s New Media Summit experience
His journey of reinvention
From biopsychology major to working in insurance
Near death, survival mode, and a medially induced coma
When you die it all goes black
Dreams during a coma
Getting into NLP
Marketing Psychology 101
A look at online marketing
What Justin is up to now


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