Kelly Bagla, Esq. - Reinventing Legal Lifecycles

Kelly Bagla wanted to be an attorney since the age of five. The first attorney in her family, she lives by the mantra “Grab the world by the pears. It’s yours for the taking.” Kelly is a self-made woman and has learned some valuable lessons along the way.

After graduating from law school, Kelly had the privilege of working for the largest international law firm in the world, where she learned from some of the best legal minds in business. She has made it her mission to share that information with other business owners to help them break the proverbial glass ceiling.

Kelly has a long list of impressive domestic and international clients who have affectionately deemed her “Queen of Business Law”. She is not only an attorney but a business owner of two companies and has seen entrepreneurs struggle when starting a business, so she’s made it her mission to educate entrepreneurs, helping them to craft successful businesses.

An accomplished author, Kelly wrote “Go Legal Yourself!” as a way to finally empower business owners with the best information there is on how to launch, grow and sustain their business legally. By creating the “4 Legal Lifecycles” of a business, Kelly broke down how to start, grow, establish and exit a business into 4 easy steps that will make any business bullet proof and extremely successful.

Kelly is recipient the 2017 DREAMS Inspiration Award in the Powerful Women Entrepreneurs category, which were awarded by LA DREAMS Magazine to the preeminent entrepreneurs and leaders in the Southern California business community to honor their outstanding accomplishments and success. Recipients are carefully selected by the Publisher of DREAMS Magazine based on record of achievement, innovation, integrity, and community involvement.

On Kelly’s podcast, Go Legal Yourself, they interview experts in different fields that share their stories about how they became successful and what others need to do. Her app is available for free from app stores.

Also an inventor, Kelly created “Eardorables”, a variety of stuffed animals with enlarged, zippered ears that act as secret pockets in which to store belongings.

Tune in to hear Kelly discuss with Steve, Mary, and Richard what legal lifecycles are and how, with a solid legal foundation, there is no limit to what you can achieve.



In This Episode

Just call her Your Majesty

She decided at 5 years old she would be a lawyer

Her dad is her mentor

Law school teaches you nothing about life

How she differs from typical attorneys

The business legal life cycle explained

Mistakes businesses make

How businesses can be values

What she fell in love with about her husband

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