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Tom Antion has been entrepreneurial since he was nine or ten years old. Tom’s dad came from Syria through Ellis Island in the early 1900’s, became an entrepreneur, made Tom into an entrepreneur, and Tom in turn has helped thousands of people start, run and improve their own businesses.

Tom has never had a job. He’s always had his own business. Starting with nothing, he owned five apartment buildings and a hotel before he graduated from college. He bought a bar and turned it in to a family restaurant and nightclub – the second largest nightclub in the State of West Virginia, and still “Screwed the Commute” because he lived above the nightclub.

Bikers didn’t like that he converted the bar. He survived two gunfights, knife fights, his car was shot up with shotgun blasts – totaling over 100 violent encounters. The the drinking age went from 18-21, which put him out of business, costing him $400K, but he refused to go bankrupt. He made deals with all creditors and paid them off over time. He’s overcome adversity by keeping his integrity at all costs.

Then Tom got an idea for a crazy fun entertainment business where everyone would have fun and no one would hit him with a beer bottle. He ran that for 4000 jobs over 6 years, then became a professional speaker, internet marketer and founded a unique Retreat Center.

Tom is founder and host of “Screw the Commute” podcast, has a private Facebook group designed to inspire people to start their own business and/or take the business they already have to much higher levels, and founder of Internet Marketing Training Center, which prepares students for jobs in the e-commerce industry and build their own profitable online business. He’s also featured in a Hollywood documentary soon to be released, entitled, “The American Entrepreneur”.

In addition to his internet marketing endeavors, Tom’s had a very colorful and ambitious life. He was a professional pilot, was valedictorian of his high school, was one of seven recipients of an award from the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame for top student athletes of 1973, went to a top 20 college on a football scholarship and was starting guard for two years, is a 3.5 tennis player, was a columnist, is a professional member of National Speakers Association (and was President ’96-’97 of the National Capital Area Chapter), and is a self-defense expert.

Tune in to hear Tom chat with Steve, Mary, and Richard about helping entrepreneurs “screw the commute”, and transition out of the car and into the money.



In This Episode

His dad and the first electric light in Carnegie, PA

His journey from college football to professional comic

He owned 5 apartment buildings and a hotel before graduating from college

Entering the speaker industry

Tips for starting an online business today

The future of internet marketing

Internet marketing ninja tricks


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