As a victim of identity theft, Sandra experienced the nightmare of losing something so personal and the painful process to recover when a Chinese smuggler got her information and was smuggling women into the US using her identity.

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In 2006 when Sandra lost her identity, cyber security wasn’t as newsworthy as it is today even though her career was in IT she was not fully aware of hackers or scammers. At the time of losing her identity she had no idea how or what had happened to her.

After years of learning, she has learned the why/what/how of cybercrime and identity theft and what we all can do to reduce the change of being a victim. Sandra has spent years educating and helping others understand Cyber security and to help protect what matters most to them and that could be their personal information, their business, finances, their families and so much more.

Sandra has 3 Great Tips for us:

1) Freezing a credit card with 3 credit bureaus
2) Don’t charge your phone with the USB in public places
3) Don’t use your debit card – Pay with TAP




In This Episode

– Protesters in the Hood
– Democracy cannot replace complacency
– Traveling internationally and detained for 10 hours
– Why were you in China? A Chinese smuggler had been using her identity
– Guilty until proven innocent
– It can happen to you
– Steps for protecting your identity


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