Joe & Denise Paulicivic - Reinventing Homelessness, Part 5

Joe & Denise Paulicivic are the founders of New Paradigm of Love. Joe and Denise travel around America in their motorhome dubbed “Sanctuary on Wheels.” During their years on the road, Joe and Denise have been drawn to a community of misfits – much like themselves – who are a rebellious bunch of wonderful people who call themselves Dirty Kids. You may have seen these gypsy travelers in your city parks or on the streets with their backpacks and puppies, hitchhiking or jumping trains to travel to their next adventure. They spent 10 days photographing and interviewing this group of misfits, which turned into 4 years following these “Kids” around America, reuniting with many and sadly losing some (they travel with the ashes of two of the kids – they’ve gotten close to many of them). They believe these souls have something to share with the world that can’t be learned outside of the hard-school-of-knocks.

Joe is an international speaker; teaching classes & workshops to thousands of people around the world. He honed his speaking and leadership skills serving as President of San Clemente Toastmasters. He has combined photos & the messages these kids want to share with the world, and is in the process of creating a book of them, for them, with a few ideas of how they can best support them with the funds this project will raise.

Denise has been advising people since she could talk. Her experiences as a spiritual guide, ordained minister, certified Transformational Life Coach, and a retired nurse have given her a unique perspective to create an actionable plan for the path to happiness – which she shares in her #1 bestselling book, Real Passion Revolution: 10 Secret Ingredients for Healed, Healthy, Happy Relationships.

In 2010, Joe was honored to receive an international Humanitarian of the Year Award by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) for work he did teaching orphans in Russia to communicate with cameras. This work was celebrated in Rangefinder magazine.

Joe and Denise do their best to restore dignity and value to these kids by giving them their time, interest, and love, and Joe creates killer images of them for their facebook page to share with their friends – they are always so happy to see themselves through Joe’s camera lens.

Tune in to hear Joe & Denise discuss with Steve, Mary, and Richard their mission: to dissolving the illusions called love so that only kindness remains.



In This Episode

Life before the homeless work

We didn’t choose this; it chose us.

They are essentially homeless by choice

It all began at Mardi Gras with a free hugs t-shirt

Who are The Dirty Kids?

Authority failed them

Acknowledge the dignity in front of you

Why they carry the ashes of two kids with them

Why are they doing this?


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