Siloh Moses - Reinventing Homelessness - Part 3

Living paycheck to paycheck, Siloh Moses’ boss ran off without paying the employees, padlocking the business. Thirty days behind on rent and sixty days behind on his car payment, his landlord decided that he’d waited long enough and he was evicted out of his condo. Losing his vehicle as well, he had no car to sleep in, no couch to sleep on, or anywhere to go, ultimately ending up homeless.

For seven months he lived squatting in abandon offices and eating food out of garbage cans. One day, Siloh made the decision to never eat out of a garbage can again. He connected with an old boss, who offered a tiny office space that he wasn’t using. The space had a computer and internet, allowing him to search for a job and learn online to make himself more marketable.

Since then, Siloh is back on his feet, and started an organization that serves those who are currently less fortunate on a single pot of spaghetti, that now has served 97,472 individual meals to those who are less fortunate… all for free. He is now owner of a non-profit restaurant “Fork and Spoon”, as well as founder of WeWin360, a social good consulting agency, helping small- to medium-sized businesses who want to make their businesses into impact hubs – making a real mark on the world.  They teach companies how to strategically Give, Grow, and Scale their business for optimum social impact and profit, elevating businesses into something that really matters in the community.

Recognized by INC. and Entrepreneur Magazines, by Special Congressional Recognition by The United States Congress, Siloh has also been recognized by the The United States Senate for an unwavering commitment and leadership to help the disadvantaged people of Las Vegas. He was also awarded Las Vegas Top 100 Men of the year and Esquire Magazine Top 40 under 40.

Tune in to hear Siloh discuss with Steve, Mary, and Richard paying it forward in our communities and leaving a mark on the world while creating profits that feel good.



In This Episode

No one should ever go hungry

He was working 9-5, Monday – Friday at a call center in Vegas

He thought he was getting a raise, instead he was fired

They padlocked the door

She left with the baby and he had no one

Three t-shirts and a pair of jeans Squatting in a parking lot

Why it took seven months to call his mom — and what happened when he did!

A call to an old boss changed his life

His journey to getting off the streets

The worst part of being homeless

He never went to a shelter

Turning his situation into a great mission


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