Anne Rios, Think Dignity - Reinventing Homelessness - Part 2

Born and raised in Southeast San Diego, Anne Rios completed her undergraduate education at UC Berkeley and attended law school at California Western School of Law.  Anne previously worked as a rape crisis counselor and director of litigation for both domestic violence and sexual assault survivors at the San Diego Family Justice Center Foundation and the Center for Community Solutions. Currently, she works for a grassroots nonprofit that advocates alongside the homeless. Specific challenges are the City’s anti-homeless and resistant attitude towards real solutions to homelessness.

Anne knew that she wanted to help elevate the voice of those that have been marginalized or underserved. That is why she has dedicated her life to quality pro bono legal services. Growing up as a poor, first generation, woman, she is acutely aware of the needs of the have-nots.

Also having worked for the Department of Defense as a Certified Level II Sexual Assault Victim Advocate for the US Navy, Anne’s passion can best be seen with the program she founded: Uprise Theatre, a project that teaches inner city populations about the law and their constitutional rights.

Joining the Think Dignity Staff in 2016, as Executive Director and Managing Attorney, Anne oversees the daily management of Think Dignity, including the Transitional Storage Center, and is in charge of obtaining grants, fundraising, events, maintaining Think Dignity relationships with constituents, donors, members, and sponsors. She also oversees the Legal Referral and Advocacy Clinic, the Know Your Rights campaign, direct litigation programs, and works alongside local law schools in order to further expand the legal clinic volunteer base.

Anne is a recipient of the Center for Community Solutions’ Freedom Award, was a nominee for the 2014 Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention Innovation Award, received the Adrianne Baker Fellowship post graduate award from California Western School of Law, and is the recipient of The State Bar of California Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Services.

Tune in to hear Anne discuss with Steve, Mary, and Richard anti-homeless and resistant attitudes towards real solutions to homelessness.



In This Episode

Serves as Executive Director for Think Dignity

Responsible for numerous programs to transition the homeless off the streets

Kids are aging out of foster care with nowhere to go

How Anne got involved with the homeless

What can we do to prevent more homelessness?

San Diego County Board is carrying a surplus of funds they won’t release

We’re putting a bandaid on a huge wound

Show up — get involved

What tent cities are costing taxpayers

The conversations, like this one, are important

Wage stagnation is a cause for homelessness


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