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Nagina Abdullah has struggled with losing weight all her life. She thought because of genetics that she would never be able to feel confident in a fitted dress or wear a bathing suit without a cover-up. She didn’t want to deprive herself of food she loves. She was frustrated not being able to fit into any of her clothes and maybe worst of all, she didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. She didn’t have hours to spend running on the treadmill or the elliptical every day.

After having children, Nagina worked in one of the most demanding careers out there – management consulting for a top 4 consulting firm in NYC. Every week she was jumping on planes and trains to new locations, working 12+ hour days and staying in hotels for multiple nights of the week. She had no routine and no extra time, so when she made it home, she wanted to spend every free moment with her family.

She began by researching volumes of nutritional information, experimenting with her own recipes, modifying the ones she grew up with and made small changes to what she was eating, developing easy, tastebud-tantalizing recipes. Everything she ate tasted so delicious, she felt like she was tricking her body to lose weight, losing 10 pounds in 4 weeks, and 40 pounds in 9 months, going down 4 sizes. And it’s stayed off.

With her newfound knowledge and experiences, Nagina founded and created Spice Yourself Skinny, an 8-week program in which women describe their weight loss as “effortless.” She and her programs have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Fox News, Time, People, EOFire, just to name a few.

Tune in to hear Nagina discuss with Steve, Mary, and Richard what spices and foods help to reduce inflammation, boost your metabolism, and jumpstart fat-burning again.



In This Episode

She moved from New York to California

The busy lifestyle made it challenging to eat healthy

Her Indian-American Heritage meant a home where food = love

How she lost 40 pounds using spices

Types of food vs quantity is key to weight loss

Keeping the weight off

Spices have huge benefits

It’s all about the balance

A quick daily menu for losing weight


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