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Justin Cunningham is a self-professed “Gen-x poster child.” Adrenalin sports, sponsored skater, street culture and hiphop dominated his heart and focus. He had crazy Billy Idol haircuts, then Terence Trent Darby braids on a white boy, all the while rocking sweatshirts and caps, expressing himself on a microphone and a skateboard in a conservative country where rugby was religion.

At 29, after not realizing his dream of becoming a pro skateboarder, he saw a rap battle in Australia and knew then that this had to happen back home in New Zealand, so he returned home, starting rap battles and ended up launching a phenomenon that in turn launched numerous NZ rap artists locally and internationally.

Now the man about town, he was on TV every other week and performing on major stages as an MC culminating in supporting acts like Black Eyed peas, The Roots and Afrika Bambaataa. Then after 5 or 6 years the money and the scene faded and he was not ready for it. He was an artist following his heart and suddenly he was in a hole. He didn’t have a business plan, he had a vision, and was also getting poor financial advice at the time, resulting in a large debt.

Eventually Justin learned how to become a life and business coach, a direct response marketer and sales trainer. Things were good, but he felt disconnected. He was not following his heart, he was chasing paying bills and trying to be a good man.

Justin decided to move and began connecting and building relationships. He met a new business partner and together started developing iTransform Productions. They went to the US on a reconnaissance mission, saw some events and formed a plan.

Soon after that, it was time to step up and into his vision as an edutainer helping frustrated rockstar business owners and change agents around the world bring their visions to life. He combined his sales training, behavioural science skills, direct response marketing skills, communication skills and entertainer skills in to one all-powerful potent offering, and called it “Creative Supernova.”

He is currently launching their debut 3-day international event at the Sheraton Gateway in LA, with 14 speakers and entertainers from around the world sharing, teaching and workshopping how to Go BIG, Win with FUN and Make more IMPACT in the world.

Tune in to hear Justin chat with Steve, Mary, and Richard about the New Standard and the keys to escape flat sales, being time poor and reaching the out of reach.



In This Episode

Melbourne is the cultural capital

He likes being a chameleon

Getting people to realize they have a super power

He started the first international rap battles in the world

Launching the careers of many artists

The improv rap talents come to life

He’s living the message

Where does creativity come from?

He’s a Gen-X poster child

Peeling the onion to get to the heart

The future for Justin Cunningham

Turn that pain into focus and constructive energy

People have to fall in love with themselves

Surrender to succeed

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