Brenda Adelman - Reinventing Forgiveness

Brenda Adelman’s father, whom she adored, shot and killed her Mom – her best friend – in 1995, immediately marrying her Aunt – her Mom’s sister. In one night, Brenda lost her entire family, went into shock, depression and felt ashamed and damaged by the tragedy. During the many sleepless nights to follow, she began journaling her story.

Taking one of her dark poems, she wrote it into a dynamic three-person scene which she premiered as a storytelling exercise in a top acting class in Los Angeles. Instead of being judged as she had feared, she got a standing ovation for ten minutes, several others in the class opened up with their own secrets and a director wanted to work with her to expand the story into a one-woman show, “My Brooklyn Hamlet: A Meshugenah True Story”, which she has performed in 4 countries and 9 states.

Developing her three-step proven forgiveness process, which she wrote into a book, Brenda has delivered it to diverse spiritual communities and for audiences worldwide on stages, in workshops and in media such as Fox TV News, NPR, publications, radio shows, TV shows, and podcasts worldwide. She received a best actor award from Zaki Gordan Institute for “Daddy’s Girl,” a short film based on the one-woman show, a best actress nomination at The Orlando International Fringe Festival and a Critics Pick at The Orlando and San Diego Fringe Festival.

Brenda also received a Hero of Forgiveness award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project and her Forgiveness story is featured on The Forgiveness Project website out of London. She teaches Healing through Storytelling virtually through her courses and in person in San Diego.

Tune in to hear Steve, Mary and Richard chat with Brenda about forgiveness and how she helps people to forgive the past, and make self-honoring choices.



In This Episode

She grew up in Brooklyn sleepwalking through life

Discovering her love for the stage

Her father killed her mother

He’s charged with involuntary manslaughter and served only 2.5 years

A wrongful death suit against her dad

Dad remarries — her aunt, the sister of the wife he murdered

The journey to forgiveness

3 steps to forgiveness

Forgiveness is an inside job


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