Michelle Butt - Reinvention Radio

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily decipher a prospect’s personality and behavioral patterns simply by looking at them? How cool would it be to know what your face is telling others about you? Just think about what this knowledge could do for your business!

In this episode , bestselling author Michelle Butt, of AtFaceValu.com shares how she has mastered the science of face reading and assists her clients to build better client rapport by leveraging this knowledge. Today, she’s sharing what she knows with us on Reinventing Faces. 

1 – Cecil the Lion; Reinventing Animal Slaughtering

2 – Facial Intelligence to understand how we communicate with others; Steve and Mary’s eyebrows

3 – What the unibrow says; Kelly and Richard get a reading

4 – Caller Gayle gets a reading; Reinvention Radio… where we make you cry

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