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Christina Hills was an animator for the network promotions division of NBC-TV in Burbank, CA, spending five years as a senior technical director in the Feature Film Division at George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic in Marin County, CA, working on films such as Star Wars: Episode I, Jurassic Park II (The Lost World), The Perfect Storm, ET the Extra Terrestrial (re-release), Twister, Mars Attacks!, and more. Then she had a baby, quit her job and moved to the Sierra Mountains.

Isolated in the mountains, far from any city with jobs available, Christina’s solution was to work from home. Initially, she worked in her husband’s online sales training business, but with differing opinions on business style and management, it became too difficult.

It was the early 2000’s and web design was in demand. So Christina taught herself web design, building websites for others. Given the high volume of general web designers available, she decided to choose a niche area – shopping carts. She became known as the “Shopping Cart Queen”, helping business owners by adding e-commerce shopping cart functionality to their websites.

In 2008, Christina decided to create the Website Creation Workshop, which teaches non-technical people how to easily create a website using WordPress. She believes in making it simple for “regular people” to understand. Her workshop has now been taken by 2,789 people to date. Business owners from all walks of life have taken it, including coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, doctors, healers, virtual assistants, and artists, to name a few.

Tune in to hear Christina, Steve, Mary, and Richard discuss how she empowers people to create websites that grow their businesses.




In This Episode

She moved to LA in 1985 after college

From LA to Boston, TV commercials to movies

Working with Judge Dredd and George Lucas

Why would you leave the dream job?

Why you need to fire your web designer

Her journey to the Shopping Cart Queen

Best practices for site building and discovery

The hamburger menu

A good website you don’t notice

She teaches people how to fish

What’s next for Christina Hills?

You don’t leave corporate to be Amazon

Is GDPR going to stick


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